City of Albany School Zone Speed Camera Demonstration Project.  On May 19, 2023 the Albany City Council unanimously passed a resolution enacting a Home Rule Message to the NYS Legislature requesting the enactment of Assembly Bill No. 7043A and Senate Bill No. 6802 entitled “An Act to Amend the Vehicle and Traffic Law and the Public Officers Law, in Relation to Establishing a School Speed Zone Camera Demonstration Program in the City of Albany; and Providing for the Repeal of Such Provisions Upon the Expiration Thereof”.  The Bill provides for automated speed enforcement in up to 20 school zones, specifies maximum fines and potential defenses. To see the entire Assembly Bill (same as the Senate Bill) see:  A07043.  As of June 8, 2023 the bill passed both the Assembly and Senate.  There is no indication that this has been signed yet by the Governor.



Assembly Bill A7043




City of Albany Brevator Street Improvement Project.  On May 16, 2023 a public forum was held to discuss options for applying complete streets and green infrastructure improvements to this beat up concrete road between Western and Washington Avenues.  The City Department of General Services has a website explaining the project goals and design options.  It also has a link to video of the May 16th public meeting.  An online survey is available on the website as well.  They are accepting public feedback until June 2, 2023.  Contractor bidding is expected to take place in the Fall, construction in the Spring of 2024 and completion by the Fall of 2024.

Dunn Memorial Bridge Bike – Ped Detour.  In January 2023 the NYS Dept of Transportation found structural problems with a span of the bike-ped ramp leading from the Dunn Memorial down to Quay Street.  DOT installed Jersey Barriers along the motor vehicle ramp to 787 North in order to create a detour.  The detour will be in place for years to come.  The old ramp can’t be rebuilt the way it was because it would not be ADA compliant due to its steepness.  Any new design will take time and millions in funding and should be coordinated with the upcoming 787 redesign.  The detour is currently 5 feet wide with pinch points – especially near the Albany side entrance (or exit depending on direction).  The current signage says cyclists should walk their bikes.   It is a long walk!  DOT has promised to improve the detour for local users, Empire State Trail users and at least two upcoming bike tours involving hundreds of riders.








Speed Hump Recommendations.  Albany residents are invited to tell their City Council Member where they believe speed humps should be located.   To the right are links to pdfs of criteria for evaluation and possible street locations.  There are also links to a map of City Wards and Council Members and an explanation of the differences between speed “humps” and speed “bumps”,

Proposed Albany 25 MPH Ordinance.  Albany Local Law M, submitted by Council Member Zamer, would reduce the Albany City speed limit to 25 MPH or as otherwise posted.   The Common Council Public Safety Committee had their initial discussion of the proposal at their April 19, 2023 meeting.   Ed Brennan of the Albany Bicycle Coalition and Naqiy McMullen of Walkable Albany spoke in favor of the proposal.  The NYS DOT has advised that a road study is required to satisfy state legislation authorizing municipalities to lower their speed limits to 25 mph.  Links to the proposed ordinance and guidance from NYS DOT are on the right.

Proposed Local Law M

NYS DOT 25 MPH Requirements



Proposal to Amend the Albany City Complete Streets Ordinance to Improve Signalization at Pedestrian Crossings.  Albany Ordinance 15.41.23, submitted by Council Members Romero, Anane and Zamer, would  add an automatic signal for pedestrian crossings, eliminating the need to press a button.  The crossing signal would last 15 seconds and pedestrians would have a 3 second interval to begin their crossing while all vehicle signals would be red.  A link to the proposed ordinance and guidance from NYS DOT are on the right.  

Proposed Ordinance 15.41.23




The Albany City Lark Street Infrastructure Project is scheduled to begin in August 2023 and conclude October 2023.  The City website has information about the scope of the project, a pdf of the project, links to a video of the February 6, 2023 public meeting, a pdf of the presentation from the meeting and a way to submit questions.

The Albany City Manning Boulevard Improvement Project is in the “Concept Design Phase” and is accepting comments until September 7, 2023.  The project area is Manning Boulevard between Washington and Western Avenues. The City website has information about the project proposals and a form to submit comments.  Written responses to comments submitted at the August 14, 2023 public meeting have been posted. Video from the public meeting is promised. 

The Albany New Scotland Avenue Infrastructure Project began in  April 2023 and was expected to be completed sometime in July (it is looking like that may extend into August).  The project will cover the area from South Manning Blvd (by St. Peter’s) to O’Neil Rd (near the golf course).  Changes to the roadway include sidewalk rehabilitation, ADA compliance, bike lanes, bump outs at intersections for vulnerable road user safety and a reduction of travel lanes from two in each direction to one in each direction and a turning lane. 

New Scotland Avenue Infrastructure Improvement Project


City of Albany Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  Completed in May 2021 the plan lays out priorities for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements.  There is no discernible timetable or budget plan for implementation.

City of Albany Complete Streets Policy and Design Manual:  A Guidance Document for City Streets.  Dated December 2016. 

City of Albany / CDTC Patroon Creek Greenway Feasibility Study.  This trail study completed in 2021 examined the costs, benefits and possible routes of a multi-use trail connection (approximately 9 miles in length) from Albany’s Hudson River waterfront west to Six Mile Waterworks Park and Rensselaer Lake.  The next steps would be an engineering study and implementation of phase 1 of the plan.  If you want this northern bookend to the Albany County Rail Trail – let your Council Person know!

Washington Park / Center Square Complete Streets Study.  This study was completed in 2022.  Of particular interest was the need to restore pedestrian and cyclist safety for those using and going in and out of the park.  The Executive Study and Draft Report are available at the attached site.  The recommendations are as yet not known to be funded.

Livingston Avenue Bridge Replacement.  The current Hudson River rail bridge connecting the Cities of Albany and Rensselaer is over 100 years old with its piers constructed in 1866.  Public comment period for this project closed in June 2022.  Final design is expected to be completed Winter of 2023.   The latest plans called for a new bridge just north or south with a separate multiuse path.  Links to schedules and public presentations are provided in the link to the right.


Kenwood Avenue Traffic Study.  This study is sponsored by the Town of Bethlehem.   As described on the study website, “Kenwood Avenue is a collector road, with homes, small-scale commercial businesses, farmlands, and community uses such as schools, religious places, and ball fields. The nearby Albany County Rail Trail provides a valuable recreational asset. This project includes the evaluation of potential traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures between Delaware Avenue (NYS Rt. 443) and the Delmar Bypass (NYS Rt. 32). Our goal is to identify potential safety improvements to benefit all users of the Kenwood Avenue Corridor.”  The first public meeting was April 6, 2023 at 6pm at Bethlehem Middle School Library 332 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar.  Another is planned for August or September.


Watervliet Shaker Road Improvement Project.  This Albany County project is scheduled for Spring 2023.  Per the County Public Works Department website, the project will “reconstruct Watervliet Shaker Rd. (CR 157, SR 155) from New Karner Road to Sand Creek Road in the Town of Colonie. Improvements will include: a new center turn lane; a new 10-foot wide multi-use path along the southwest side of the road and traffic signal improvements.   The County site has video links to 2021 public workshops and power point presentation.

Sand Creek Road Complete Street Concept Study.  This project was approved for CDTC funding through its Unified Planning Work Program in 2022.  The study area covers Sand Creek Road from Watervliet-Shaker Road to Wolf Road.  CDTC describes the project as follows:  ”prepare a complete street Feasibility Study for Sand Creek Road from Watervliet Shaker Road to Wolf Road in the Village and Town of Colonie”.   The First Public Input Session is scheduled for July 24, 2023 6:30pm – 7:30pm at the Village Rec Center, 3 Thunder Road. Members of the public are encouraged to complete the Community Survey.


NYS DOT Troy – Menands Bridge Project.  This study is being undertaken as the bridge will need to be replaced in the next ten or so years.    The current bridge provides bicycle and pedestrian access to the Empire State Trail/Corning Trail on the west.  The connection to the Uncle Sam Trail system on the east is more challenging.  The new bridge project offers an opportunity to improve access and safety for active transportation users.  NYSDOT has a site for project materials and a means to provide comments.

Do you have information about another project or legislative initiative of interest to the cause of reducing traffic violence?  Do you have any update for the projects above?  If so, please e-mail: